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  • Near-instant execution as fast as 1 millisecond
  • Servers with 100% uptime guarantee
  • Simple setup only takes 5 minutes
  • Technical support available 24/7
  • Lightning-fast SSD
  • Supporting all Expert Advisors

14-day money-back guarantee on all VPS purchases

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ForexVPS Datacenters Location

Forex VPS hosting servers located in prime data centers in New York, London, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Singapore, Zurich, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Johannesburg and Hong Kong. Pick one that suits you and enjoy our Forex VPS solutions.


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South Africa

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Los Angeles

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Forex VPS Plans & Pricing

TIP: choose a longer billing cycle for bigger discounts!


  • 2 GB (2048 MB) RAM
  • 1 Core CPU
  • 60 GB SSD Disk
  • Windows 2012/22
  •  Dedicated IP
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  • 4 GB (4096 MB) RAM
  • 2 Cores CPU
  • 90 GB SSD Disk
  • Windows 2012/16/19/22
  •  Dedicated IP
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High Freq

  • 3 GB (3072 MB) RAM
  • 1 Core (3.4GHz+) CPU
  • 100 GB SSD Disk
  • Windows 2012/16/19
  •  Dedicated IP
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14-day money-back guarantee on all VPS plans purchases

100% up-time guarantee

We’ll keep you connected around the clock, that’s a guarantee.

Insane latency times

High latency will cost you. Trade as fast as 1 millisecond with us.

Equinix datacenters

We’ll have you right next your brokers server in the same data center.

Cloud technology

Use Openstack Cloud for London and New York locations.

No shared resources

We do not overload nor share your resources. You get what you pay for.

Tier-1 bandwidth

All servers come with optimized 1Gb/s network interface for low latency trading.

Auto-startup trading platforms

Our software will auto-relaunch your trading terminals should your VPS restart.

24/7 support

We’re here around the clock — get in touch if you have a question or technical problems.


We have backup power in place. If there was a power outage, we’ll keep you online.

The Ultimate Dedicated Forex Server

  • Power x64 trading platforms at the same time
  • Extreme Intel chips to crunch complex trading algorithms
  • Up to 256GB of RAM. It will handle anything
  • Harness 100% of the resources. Nothing is shared
  • Lightning fast 1ms trade execution times. Be the first to market

Low latency to brokers worldwide

Forex traders tell us we’re the best Forex VPS for low latency worldwide. Choose from a variety of brokers or check latency times to your broker and pick the best server location that suits you.

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"If you’re a serious about algorithmic
trading then you’ll want Forex VPS
as your hosting provider. These guys
take your trading seriously."

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Jens Chrzanowski
Member of the Group Management Board at Admirals. Also a Trader since 2011.

Our customers love us

So far so good been a good experience…
So far so good been a good experience no complaints at all
My VPS run within 5 minutes and their…
My VPS run within 5 minutes and their support is the best.
Henkie Lim
Easy and fast installation of the…
Easy and fast installation of the service! All the information was at my disposal sim...
Norbert Faragó
Forex VPS Team is the best
Forex VPS Team is the best. My VPS is running smoothly and the support is amazing. Th...
Jay Gapuz
Unexpected- But Quality Service
I didn't expect to get the service and value I've received from ForexVPS! It's so.......
Damon M.
Great service!
Great service!
Yew Tong Giam
works fine fast and easy to set up
works fine fast and easy to set up
Paulo Heidemann
Good and faster
Good and faster , reasonable price and very good
Good Service
Good Service
Anthony R Stoute
Great, Easy and straight forward website. Took me 2 minutes to setup with an almost i...
Juan Nel

We’re here 24/7 for you

Meet our team. We’re proud of what we do and we’re here to help around the clock

Paul P.
Ale S.
Head of Customer Care
Mustafa B.
Head of Infrastructure
Arturo F.
Customer Care Manager
Carlos V.
Refunds Specialist
Luisa O.
Team Leader for Customer Care
Duff D.
Infrastructure Engineer
Ethan D.
Infrastructure Engineer
Philip E.
Software Developer
Nivin P.
Technical Support Representative
Ellen G.
Technical Support Representative
Esteban Q.
Customer Care Representative
Nicholas B.
Customer Care Representative
Tyrone R.
Customer Care Representative

Have some questions?

What payment methods can I use?

We accept Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Skrill and Coingate (Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies) payments. Card payments are auto debited. If you overpay, credit will be applied to your account; this allows you to prepay if desired. Account credit is always used before charging other type of payments for ongoing service (unless PayPal has been set to automatic payment).

Which location should I choose?

We advise you to select the location closest to your broker’s servers. If you are unsure, contact your broker or check their website. You can check latency on our broker latency page by searching for your broker’s name. The lowest latency times are the best, we recommend that you choose the location that has 1 millisecond latency.

Which Windows version should I choose?

It is advisable to select a Windows version that you feel comfortable with. However, do note that Windows 2012 consumes less resources and will allow you to keep resources for your trading platform(s) — this is recommended for the Basic and Basic+ plans.

How long will it take for my VPS to be ready?

Instantly. Your VPS is provisioned immediately after check out. However, it can take up to 15 minutes for Windows to finish installing, it is recommended to wait for at least 15 minutes before connecting.

How many MetaTraders can your VPS run?

The Basic Plan can run up to 4 MT4/5s if optimised and the Basic+ up 6 if optimised. Visit our blog to learn more about how to optimise your platforms. Our service is not exclusive to forex trading, and can be used with any regular Windows Server application, as well as all types of trading, all brokers, and most software platforms. If you need help installing any software that is not pre-included, we are happy to assist.

What devices can I use to connect to my ForexVPS?

You can easily connect to your VPS using Mac, iOS, and Android devices. You can read more about how to access your VPS using RDP (Remote Desktop Program) and how to connect on Mac. Any other questions, just ask our 24/7 support team.