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How to extend your VPS Disk on Windows 2012 Server

This procedure is only needed if your VPS disk did not auto-extend. You can follow the first two steps below to check. If you don’t have a large amount of "Unallocated" space then these procedures are unneeded.

  1. Go to [Start Menu] > [Computer Management].

  2. Go to [Disk Management]. Notice you have [Unallocated space] for your disk.

  3. Right click on the [C:] drive and choose [Extend Volume].

  4. Click [Next].

  5. Click [Next]. Note: The [Select the amount of Space in MB:] should match the [Maximum available space in MB:] to utilize all the unallocated disk space.

  6. Click [Finish].

  7. Done. You have extended the disk to utilize all available disk space.

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