100% Uptime Guarantee

Our goal is to provide 100% uptime during active market hours because we realize that any down time can be very costly to our clients.

In order to accomplish our goal of 100% uptime, we have built our network and our platform from the ground up to be redundant. Everything in our servers that can be redundant is redundant, namely power, disk and network. We use only high quality server components by the highest quality brands. All of our servers are monitored 24/7 in real time.

Maintenance window opens Friday evenings at 10-11pm GMT and closes Sunday 9-10pm GMT. During these maintenance periods services may experience brief interruptions as we maintain our network and servers.

We stand behind our 100% uptime guarantee:

If a hosted service fails as the result of a fault on our side and outside our regular maintenance window, we will issue a service credit of 5% of the monthly fee for every 30 minutes of down time, up to 100% of the monthly fee. In order to qualify, the fault must be on our side. i.e. a problem in a hosted OS as a result of conflicting software or resource exhaustion will not qualify. However, a crash of the OS as a result of a crash of our equipment will qualify.