Duff Devaul, Author

Duff Devaul

Content Writer / Senior Partnerships Engineer

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Duff has a foundation in the technological and financial sectors, bringing over 10 years of experience as an options trader and an extensive infrastructure and software engineering background. His technical journey includes roles at Fortune 100 companies, where he honed his software development and platform integration skills.

In transitioning to the financial industry, Duff applied his engineering expertise to options trading, market analysis, and fintech innovation, maintaining a focus on leveraging technology to enhance trading strategies and financial services.

At ForexVPS, Duff's role as a Senior Partnerships Engineer involves collaborating with partners to develop tailored product solutions. This includes identifying and integrating the most effective technologies and platforms to meet the specific needs of the company's major clients.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Options Trading
  • Market Analysis
  • Fintech Innovation
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Partnerships Support