Trade your way to a free VPS

Your broker can pay us to give you one for free.

  • Choose a broker, deposit at least the minimum
  • We’ll email you login details to your Forex VPS
  • Trade the monthly volume required and it’s FREE

No payment details required.

How much do I need to trade?

Find out how much you can save each month or whether your Forex VPS is 100% FREE!

Monthly trading volume: (Special Switch Markets rate, reduced from the standard 5 lots)
You save:
Make the Switch today get a Pro Account with razor tight spreads and $5 commissions per 1 lot traded (reduced from $7 commissions).
Bonus: make the Switch today and get $7 $5 commissions on the Pro Account

Don't pay for your VPS — Trade your way to a FREE VPS!

2Create Account
3Get your free VPS
  • Get a Pro Account with razor tight spreads
  • Ultra Low 1 millisecond latency to ForexVPS
  • $7 $5 commissions per 1 lot traded.
  • 1 lot a month and ForexVPS is free

Have some questions?

I’ve joined at the middle of the month. What’s my lot requirement?

The monthly volume requirement is pro-rata. If you joined half way through the month, you would only have to trade half the months volume requirement.

Do I need to pay if I don’t trade enough?

If you fall short of the volume required the broker reserves the right to send you an invoice to keep the VPS online. However, paying the invoice is optional and you are not obligated should you wish to switch off your VPS.

Do I have to pay for anything now?

Nope! After you have completed the application and funded your live trading account, we will then send you login details to the broker specific VPS immediately.

Will the spreads be marked-up?

As a Forex VPS specialist we understand the importance of having tight spreads. Therefore we do not mark-up the spreads with any of the brokers we’re partnered with above.

I already have a live account with one of the brokers above?

That’s not a problem. All you need to do is open an additional account through us. If you have a question regarding the possibility of transferring your current IB to us, we might be able to help. Please email:

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely! If you change your mind at any point, just get in contact with us and we will terminate your VPS. If at a later date you want a VPS again, so long as you’ve still got the same account under our IB, we will set you up a brand new one upon request.

Is there a minimum funds required in my trading account?

Yes. You will need to have at least the minimum deposit in your account for the respective broker.

How long can I keep the free VPS?

Forever if you like! As long as you meet the lots traded requirement, then you can keep your VPS for as long as you like.