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1. Be a Pepperstone Pro client
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2. Trade the required volume
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3. Free VPS service
1) Choose a VPS plan
Take note of the monthly volume required.
Select plan
25 Lots
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Your request for VPS was sent to Pepperstone for approval.
Please keep an eye on your inbox for confirmation. Allow 24-48 hours.
2) Request your VPS
Send your application to Pepperstone for approval.
What if I don't trade enough?
Pepperstone reserve the right to revoke your sponsored VPS if you fall short of the monthly volume required
Please confirm you are not a robot
This offer is not available for Retail clients trading with Pepperstone's ASIC, DFSA, CYSEC, SCB or BaFIN entities.
No Payment Details
We don't require any payment details to set up your sponsored VPS.
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100% Uptime Guarantee
No power outages, no internet disconnections. With us your VPS is guarnteed to be running
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1 Millsecond Latency
Execute trades as fast as 1 millisecond. That's 250x faster than you can blink
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24/7 Customer Support
Our experienced tech support is here to guide and help you
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What happens If you don't trade enough?
Pepperstone pay us to cover the cost of your VPS. If you fall short of the monthly volume required, Pepperstone reserve the right to revoke your sponsored VPS.
If you find yourself falling short one month, we will send you an invitation to pay for the VPS yourself. If you choose not to pay for the VPS and you continue to fail to meet the trading requirement your VPS will be switched off.
Here's what our clients say
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Have questions?
I didn’t trade enough volume this month. Am I going to get charged?
No. If you fall short of the trading volume required Pepperstone will cover the cost of your VPS. However, Pepperstone reserve the right to revoke your VPS if you don't reach the required volume.
Are my spreads or commission marked up through this service??
No. Your trading account with Pepperstone will remain unchanged. You will not experience increased spreads or commission as a result of signing up to this VPS service.
I've joined in the middle of the month. What's my lot requirement?
The monthly volume requirement is pro-rata. If you joined halfway through the month, you would only have to trade half the month’s volume requirement.
I don’t have a live account with Pepperstone, can I still get a VPS for free?
You first need to set up a live account with Pepperstone before applying for a sponsored VPS. Once your live account is ready, you can fill out the application form and get approved for a sponsored VPS. Click here to open and fund an account.
Can I cancel at any time?
Absolutely! If you change your mind at any point, just get in contact with us and we will terminate your VPS. If at a later date you want a VPS again, so long as you’ve still got a live account with Pepperstone, we will set you up with a brand new one.
What is the minimum deposit required?
The minimum deposit with Pepperstone is $200 USD or equivalent.
If you haven't found your answer please use the Live Chat function (orange link) on the right bottom side
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