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ForexVPS.net Broker Solutions

Increase your credibility and visibility with both existing and future customers.

Would you like to offer your clients a reliable, ultra low latency and well supported VPS solution that is also branded for your needs?

If the answer is yes, then we have the ultimate solution for your brokerage. ForexVPS.net offers fully customizable VPS Solutions enabling you to create a customised VPS platform to offer to your clients with your branding and MT4 preinstalled. All this, while maintaining the exact same quality, functionality and security that is available to our 1000+ retail clients.

Save time and money with automation

Through our dedicated administration control panel your staff are able to activate new client VPS platforms at their discretion. Once activated, a branded email is immediately sent to the client with details on how access their VPS. The VPS is automatically provisioned and ready to be used within minutes.

Low latency and fast execution to most major brokers

Our servers located in New York, London or Manchester inside major datacenters adjacent to most major brokers. Your staff have the ability to select which datacenter they would like the VPS located in before activating it for the client. Latency between our VPS servers and most major brokers ranges between 1-3ms.

Branded VPS desktop with applications pre-installed to your specification

Wouldn't it be nice for your clients to be greeted with your logo and your brokerages pre installed MT4 when they log into their VPS? By having MT4 pre installed it will also save your staff valuable time by removing the need to help clients troubleshoot any problems with the installation. We can also pre install indicators and expert advisors if required.

24/7 live chat and email support provided by experienced, educated, IT certified technicians

Every member of our support team is a college/university graduate with extensive IT experience. If your staff or clients need assistance, you can contact a technician 24hrs per day via live chat or email.

Track your client usage and expenditure

Client usage is monitored and logged on a detailed invoice, then emailed directly to your accounts department at the start of each month.

Robust hardware and monitoring

We understand how important a reliable VPS is when clients are trading live funds. We only invest in high quality, brand new hardware with a strict maintenance program complete with 24hr monitoring to ensure our servers are regularly maintained and upgraded. If there is ever a problem, we know about it before the clients and are able to take appropriate action.

Scalability and flexibility

Our VPS solution for brokers can accommodate anywhere form 10 to 1000+ clients using our flexible pricing model. The more clients you bring on board the more affordable per client it becomes! Please contact us for more information on our flexible pricing model.

If you are interested, please contact us!