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We're the value-ad your clients need.
Keep your traders trading.
Algo trading is growing. Don't get left behind.
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Brokers that depend on
Your algo-traders need the following:
A server to host their algo
Latency time from ~1 ms
100% uptime guarantee
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We've got the ultimate solution.
From simple integration to clear oversight on VPS counts, you'll have complete control overyour traders.
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How it all works
1) Your customer fills in a form on your site.
Note: it's a 2-second job for your developer. They copy and paste code that makes a form.It's simple and quick!
2) You'll get an email to approve.
Note: You'll have the details above in this email. There's also a button to click approve ordecline. Easy-peasy.
3) Your customer gets a VPS!
Note: your customer will get an email from us with instructions on how to access theirbroker branded VPS.
You set the rules
Reward your traders with a free VPS based on funds on account or volume traded.
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Volume Required
10 Lots
5,10,15 or even 20 lots. You decide the hurdle for your customers to get a sponsored VPS.
Funds Required
Funds on account required to unlock a sponsored VPS. You decide the rules.
It's simple to plug us in.
No need for huge development. It's 1-line of <code/>, like below!
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We will reply soon
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Traders love ForexVPS. You will too.
Traders love ForexVPS. You will too.
Our hardware is in key locations to support your traders.
Amsterdam, NL
Zurich, CH
New York, US
London, UK
Tokyo, JP
Frankfurt, DE
Hong Kong
Speed is critical. Your traders know it.
Our servers are optimised for low latency trading
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All the trimmings
100% uptime
we'll keep your traders VPS
online 24/7
Billed in arrears
you use now and pay later.
We bill pro rata
Restore from previous versions
on the fly.
Custom templates
Preinstalled MT4 for your traders
to dive in.
24/7 live chat
Forex specialists on hand
all day long.
Top-end Power
We don't compromise on the
servers we use.
All Trader Types
Our network and tech can
handle all trader types.
No Shared Resources
We never overload our servers.
Online in 60 secs
We're all about efficiency.
Get access in seconds.
You can also automate the process.
Use our API to create and destroy VPS.
Create VPS
If you know which customers are eligible for this service, you can automatically create them a VPS.
Cancel VPS
If your customers fall short of the volume or deposit required, simply terminate their VPS.
Request List
Get a list of those who have an active VPS on demand. Stay organised and up to date.
No barriers. No friction.
No complex contracts
All we ask is that you give us 30 days notice if you wish to cancel. That's all!
Zero up front cost
We'll never charge you to get started! Instead, you only get invoiced for the VPS you use.
No ongoing fees
we'll keep your traders VPS online 24/7
Specialist Support
Take advantage of our developers who are here to assist you all the way.
Request a demonstration today
Create 5 VPS on the house!
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Traders love ForexVPS. You will too.