How to Enable a Secondary User in Your Server

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Enabling secondary user in your server.

By default, we provide two Windows user licenses for our servers (Both VPS and Dedicated servers).

By default, the secondary user is kept disabled until the user decides to enable it.

The benefit of this secondary user is that you can use both users at the same time in two different RDP sessions, even on two different devices. However, the server’s resources will be split between sessions.

Here is a guide on how to set this up.

1. Log into your VPS with your main user “trader”.

2. Go to Start -> Computer management.”

3. Go to Local Users and Groups -> Users

4. Right-click on “trader2” and click on “Properties”.

5. Untick “Account is disabled” and press “OK.”

6. Right-click on “trader2,” and click on “Set Password,” and click on “Proceed.”

7. Set a password, confirm it, and press “OK.”

8. Now, you can open another RDP session using the “trader2” user with the new password.

Here is a video for easy setup:

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